Jersey Energy Group is an energy aggregation specialist. The team has completed 41 residential aggregations, resulting in savings ranging from approximately 15% to 25% lower than the local utility rate. Jersey Energy Group was recently selected in Springfield Township (Union County) and by the County of Gloucester.

New Jersey residents can shop for the lowest price with third-party suppliers. Local electric or natural gas distribution companies still deliver the supplies through wires or pipes – and respond to emergencies – but the supplies themselves are purchased from other companies. Purchasing your energy supplies from a company other than your electric or gas utility is purely an economic decision; it has no impact on the reliability or safety of your service.

Your electric bill has two key components. There is a charge for “Delivery” and for “Supply.” The Supplier is only responsible for electricity generation. The Delivery charge is from your local utility for the maintenance of power lines, distribution, and transmission. The local utility is also responsible for power outages.

Aggregation is bulk-purchasing. Residents who want to make the switch do it together for an even lower electricity rate! Switching with your whole community results in more savings because together you have a larger energy load.

Energy aggregation is a bright idea!

Core Strenghts

Jersey Energy Group’s success is attributed to three core strengths:

  1. Consumer Protections: JEG offers a Price Match Guarantee to ensure that if utility rates ever fall below the aggregation rate, then the Third Party Supplier must either match the rate or transition the aggregation back with the utility. In addition, residents may leave and join the aggregation at no cost.
  2. Risk Management: JEG’s knowledge of the energy market and exhaustive due diligence ensures that residents enjoy savings from a reliable Third Party Supplier.
  3. Public Education: JEG implements a proven communications plan to thoroughly educate residents and small business owners.

From start to finish, our team will give your community a seamless experience for selecting a Third Party Supplier.

Residential education is the most important component to energy aggregation. JEG’s proven success in Illinois positions the team as experts in energy advisory services. The reason for JEG’s robust and highly effective educational component is based on the fact that aggregation measures had to be passed by means of a referendum in a major election. JEG developed a comprehensive educational piece that did not simply make residents comfortable with energy aggregation—instead individuals were to be so strongly persuaded to vote for it.

In order to obtain aggregation in Illinois, a ballot question was required. Our team passed the referendum in 44 out of 47 elections in Illinois. This is a 92% success rate. In Illinois, typical opt-out rates were around 10% or higher. JEG’s aggregation achieved a 5.6% opt-out rate. The only factor that can be attributed to these successes is JEG’s ability to reach out to the public and educate them properly about the program. JEG achieves this through participating in town hall meetings, writing press releases, running a comprehensive website outlining the program, maintaining a robust social media program, attending local group meetings, ensuring that a strong help desk phone line is maintained, and publicizing aggregation and its benefits through local newspapers, direct mail and email contact.