Once your community executes an electric supply contract which will enable savings to all residents, per New Jersey statute, residents will have a 30 day marketing period to opt out. Customers will be able to opt-out at any period during the duration of the supply contract. Upon execution of a supply contract, the following avenues will be provided for customers to opt-out and receive information about the aggregation program.

  • An opt out letter will be sent to each household which will explain the program and provide for an opt-out option to send back via snail mail.
  • A landing page specific to your community will be found on this section of our website as well as in the opt out letter noted above.
  • There will be a toll free number provided on the opt out letter and landing page. Residents can call this customer service to educate themselves on the program, as well as opt out.

Again, all of these avenues will be provided throughout the entire duration of the contract and residents are not subjected to only opt out for the initial 30 day period.